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Stage Scene LA

“Talk about versatility … I don’t know anyone other than Harris who can play Hairspray’s dorky Penny Pingleton, West Side Story’s tomboy Anybodys, and Sweeney Todd’s angelic Johanna.”

– Steven Stanley

Deseret News

“Though she is often wilder and coarser in other stagings, Katherine here is set in a more sympathetic light, in large part due to the design and delivery of Harris’ deceptively two-faced Bianca, who works to antagonize Kate and bursts into sobs and shrieks only when their father is looking.”

– Rachel Brutsch

Santa Maria Times

“Natasha Harris as Bambi Bernet, Carmen’s daughter, is cute and sassy, while trying desperately to earn her mother’s approval. Harris has proven to be quite versatile in her PCPA roles…”

-Brad Memberto

Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

“Harris captured Lady Macbeth’s ambition and intellect, and her infinite power to persuade Macbeth. She looked so satisfied entering the stage on the arm of King Macbeth; her smugness is toxic, and her fall into madness is mesmerizing.”

-Amber Peck


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