Yes. I did use what sounds like a horrible platitude poster hanging from some all-but-barren office wall in an office building at this very moment. Somewhere stinking up the room with its “all talk and no action” bull-hocky. But I’m learning as I creep further into my thir-::cough::-ies, that self confidence is the key to unlocking my dreams. Yuck, another flipping platitude, but my dudes, I can’t help myself. If you respect your space, you are thereby respecting yourself. And yeah, sure, there are some of you out there that believe you work best in chaos, but I’m here to tell you to try something new. If you are the type to clean up when company comes over, chew on this for a moment: Why wouldn’t you show yourself the same respect? Start with something as simple as making sure the dishes are washed or put in the dishwasher after each meal. Start with a cornerstone and see what happens.

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